Il Duomo di Orvieto

Enjoying the Italian Experience Under Umbrellas – a Day Trip to Orvieto

Today we have something a bit special – a day trip to Orvieto. A guest post from Paula, a student of Italian at our local school who recently set off with her fellow students on a day trip from Loreto Aprutino to Orvieto in south-western Umbria. All photos were taken by Paula with a trusty Canon Ixus 970 IS. Enjoy! There’s really only one way to learn to speak Italian and that’s to actually talk in the language with native speakers.  That’s one of the…

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Loreto Aprutino, Pescara

Thoughts on Teaching, Writing and A Brief Introduction to Space Theory of Driving

(note Space Theory is explained in the second half of this post) It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s not that I’ve run out of material – there’s no chance of that in Abruzzo. It’s down to one thing only – work. I’m living in Abruzzo now. I’m no longer a frequent visitor. I’m grappling with many of the normal day to day activities that I see the locals tackling. I love it. I hope I continue to love it. Time, as always, will tell.…

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Monesilvano Saturday Market

Montesilvano Saturday Market

I have an on/off relationship with local markets. I think my attitude has been forged by too many shoe stalls, too many handbag stalls and too many clothes stalls. I want to see food stalls full of local produce – seasonal fruit and veg, traditional local delicacies and maybe a live animal or two. The Montesilvano Saturday Market may not have live animals (I have to go to Cepagatti for that) but along with the usual selection of slippers there’s a section with no shortage…

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