Send in the Clouds…Don’t Bother They’re Here!

I hate to say it but summer is just about over. Work is ramping up and my carefree trips to the beach are coming to an end. Over the last few days the temperature has dropped more than 10 degrees. That’s a drop you can feel. That type of temperature drop makes you question if t-shirts and shorts are really a good idea. Depending on your country, and how you measure it, summer is over sometime between the end of August and the September Equinox.…

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Can Tourism Save the Historic Centre of Loreto Aprutino?

The rain has stopped in the historic centre of Loreto Aprutino, I’ve a wash on, I’ve just come back from a delightful lunch of non-traditional spicy chicken and basmati rice followed by freshly picked blackberries and cream, yum-yum, oh and Bones is on Top Crime. Life could be a lot worse. I’ll be back working tomorrow but before that I’ll sit back and hopefully enjoy the World Cup Final. Life could certainly be a lot worse. I live in a fantastic town full of wonderful…

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