Random Thoughts on Our First Year Living in Abruzzo

In August 2013 we moved to Abruzzo. To a region we really love, hoping to embrace a lifestyle that we felt suited us perfectly. Some friends said the move was brave, perhaps crazy, but when something feels right it isn’t brave it just makes sense. Even though there were good signs that the Irish Economy was finally turning a corner we decided to move to Italy, a country whose economy and ability to embrace growth can often defy all forms of logic. But we didn’t…

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Lambretta Club Abruzzo in Loreto Aprutino

I’d missed the poster. If it wasn’t for John who has an eagle-eye for these things I might has missed it entirely. But I didn’t. Thanks John. From about 10:30 I waited in Piazza Garibaldi for the arrival of the Lambretta Club Abruzzo on their regional rally to Loreto Aprutino. They arrived at 11:00, not in their hoards like 60s Brighton, but in a controlled almost regal display of beloved classic models. But they didn’t stop! I was camped in the wrong piazza. They kept going…

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Abruzzo: Twofold Nature – A Video by Alessandro Petrini

I could watch this video, Twofold Nature – Abruzzo Sublime and Beautiful by Alessandro Petrini over and over again. I don’t think I could ever tire of it. Enjoy! …more than 50 thousand shots, …All the images have been taken in Abruzzo – Italy. …a work of passion, spending nights in the wilderness and waiting for the dawn … Twofold Nature – Abruzzo Sublime and Beautiful from Alessandro Petrini on Vimeo.

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