21 Jun

Abruzzo Folk Music: CD Reviews

It’s taken me longer to buy some more Abruzzo folk music CDs than I initially thought it would. I’m not aware of many, just the Italian Treasury Abruzzo CD, part of the Alan Lomax Italian collection, and CDs published by Taranta and listed here.

Since I haven’t heard these CDs yet, it isn’t possible for me to post any reviews.

But I found this site, The Magazine for Traditional Music throughout the world, which has three reviews of collections of traditional Abruzzo music:

The first of these CDs is available from Amazon, but it looks expensive to me at nearly $30. I’d be surprised if a search wouldn’t uncover it for less than that. (Note: The CD is listed as $13.99 on Rounder Records, but it is currently unavailable for purchase.)

The other two CDs are on the Taranta catalogue and they list a series of shops where, I assume, they can be bought. An email to confirm before turning up might be the best approach. One of these shops, called Discover is at Via L’Aquila, 25 in Pescara. I haven’t been to Discover yet, but I expect to drop by in the next couple of months. I’ll let you know what I find.

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