Cold Thoughts from 10 February 2012

Looking back at the centro storico P and I laughed. I wanted to take pictures but didn’t want to risk taking out my brand spanking new camera without adequate shelter.

I took quick shots from under a car wash roof but even there the snow was swirling around my face angling for a chance to settle on my camera and lens. The camera phone came out and helped a little but in the end I gave up.

We stood in awe, almost knee-deep in snow, watching as more and more snow fell.

All we needed was to sing an outdoor song at the top of our voices!

Something by Pooh Bear perhaps?!

Song For Snowy Weather

The more it snows
(Tiddly Pom)
The more it goes
(Tiddly Pom)
The more it goes
(Tiddly Pom)
On snowing.

And nobody knows
(Tiddly Pom)
How cold my toes
(Tiddly Pom)
How cold my toes
(Tiddly Pom)
Are growing.

The next morning after walking down to the to town very gingerly (a lot of ginger was needed over the next few days) I saw something I never thought I’d see on the streets of Loreto.


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