22 Oct

Cat on a Warm Steel Roof


I’m an early riser and if I’ve spent the best part of a day travelling my night’s sleep is often disturbed.

It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I just seem to wake up early and within a couple of seconds I realise I’m not going to get any more sleep.

I guess unfamiliar sounds are the main cause. Doors and shutters opening, cars and motorbikes off to work and early morning church bells – I like the church bells but before 8 am is a bit enthusiastic!

There’s usually nothing for it but to grab my camera and head out for a walk around the centro storico of Loreto Aprutino. If I’m lucky I get to meet some new faces.

Earlier this month I met this contented but suspicious cat. I was hoping to take a picture of something interesting in the early morning light and this hairy moggie was happy to pose.

cat on a warm steel roof

cat on a warm steel roof

He didn’t have a lot to say but as I wandered into his patch he didn’t let me out of his sight.

Who is this stranger with the funny accent? What has he got in his hands? What’s that clicking noise? What’s he doing up so early? Can’t an honest cat get a chance to relax in this town?   Was that a mouse?!

Loreto Aprutino isn’t short of cats. Enough food is put out by locals and some tourists to ensure that even those cats who find hunting and stalking a bit challenging never go hungry.

I’m not a cat lover. (I hope I haven’t just lost half of my audience?!) But as I got closer to our posing friend I liked his look apparent arrogance.

He was ascendant, watching all approaches from his shiny metal tower. HIs mission – Keeping the streets of Loreto safe from vermin (and various forms of tinned cat food).

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