Competition Time: Win a Book Set in Abruzzo

Now that I’ve finished reading Belloccia A Hill Village in the Abruzzi by R. H. ‘Gimi’ Jordan I have decided not to hold on to it and hoard it, for it never to see the light of day again. So I’m giving you, the readers of this Abruzzo blog, a chance to win my copy.

Belloccia A Hill Village in the Abruzzi by R.H. ‘Gimi’ Jordan

Leave a non-spammy comment on this post before 12 December 2012  and you are automatically in the competition. Only commements on this post on this blog count so Twitter and Facebook comments and RTs, which I’m happy to get, won’t put your name into the draw.

Any comment will do as long as it isn’t rude, you can say nice things, offer constructive criticism or just say “Ciao”.

How will I pick the winner?

Well sometime shortly after December 12 2012 I’ll randomly pick a name from all those who commented, make contact, (leave a valid email address) and I’ll offer to post (mail) the book to the address of the winner’s choice.

Simple? God I hope so. :-)

Regarding the prize – it’s paperback book that I bought second hand. It’s in good condition, slight damage to the cover and there is an insciption that may be written by R. H. ‘Gimi’ Jordan himself.

This post and its comments will tell you more – Belloccia Abruzzo, Slightly Off the Map Perhaps


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8 thoughts on “Competition Time: Win a Book Set in Abruzzo”

  1. My grandfather, Dominic Talucci, came to America at the age of 17 from the town of Nereto in Abruzzo. He came alone and built a great life and left a heritage of the Abruzzo cooking and high standards of family love. So I have Abruzzo in my blood. I hope to see it myself someday.

  2. I would love to win this book , the search the other week had me intrigued, would be interesting to see if I could pick up more clues :-) :-)
    How great that you are giving someone else a chance to read after such a long search for it.

  3. My great grandparents immigrated to the United States from Capestrano in Abruzzo and were very proud if their Italian heritage.
    I would love to read the book next and pass it along after I’ve read it. Ciao

  4. Hi Noel

    What a generous idea to offer the book to someone else. As you know my parents are both from Abruzzo, but have lived in England for 60 years now. Although they have lived in England far longer than they ever lived in Abruzzo, they still retain the Abruzzo spirit and longing to return at least once a year. If I won this book, I would pass it on to them afterwards, as I know they would be fascinated to read more about their beloved region.

    Thanks so much for possibly winning the chance to read this book.

    All the best


  5. Hello,
    I am so confused about Abruzzo and it’s place in my family’s history. I know we have family there somewhere (Chiodi) and would love to find out some more about the place. Is there are clue within the book about where my family came from? Will I be intrigued enough to go there and search in person. I would love something that fired up my soul enough to spend the thousands of dollars and go and finally search for the answers.


  6. Ciao Noel!

    How very kind of you to give away your copy of this intriguing out of print book. I’d be delighted if I won it and would be happy to pass it on to other Abruzzo fans who want to read it after.

    Un abbraccio,

  7. I will be spending 10 days in Abruzzo next fall and have been reading everything I can find about the area. A bit obsessed about it really – anyhow, I’d love to read this book; after you mentioned it in an earlier post I searched for it but, as you know, it is not easily available. Like Nora above, I will pass it on when I finish it.


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