19 Jan

A Tribute to the People of Abruzzo

I found this video via the Welcome to Sulmona Facebook page.

Normally I’m not a fan of videos of images set to music.

But this is special.

The description of the video is roughly translated as follows:

…This is a tribute to my land, from the mountains to the sea, its people, strong and gentle, able to cry and smile, fall and get up, to curse and bless, I walk the lines of the faces as if they were paths to explore…

It runs for 7 minutes and it’s an absolute joy to watch.

The video was made using photos by Max and Leo Losacco Cameli.

It was published on YouTube on 3 January 2013 with this description in Italian

Volti,luoghi e frammenti di un Abruzzo che malinconicamente è ancora capace di sorridere

Questo è un omaggio alla mia terra, dai monti fino al mare, alla sua gente, forte e gentile, capace di piangere e sorridere, di cadere e di rialzarsi, di imprecare e di benedire, percorro le rughe dei volti come fossero sentieri da esplorare, negli sguardi sinceri mi specchio e ritrovo me stesso.

Video realizzato con gli scatti di Massimo Losacco e Leone Cameli

Maximum Losacco Photography – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Massimo-Losacco-Photography/128908600545346

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