20 Dec

Feeling a Little Festive in Pescara

I like Christmas.

I like cold crisp nights when hats, scarves and gloves are an absolute must.

I like strolling, ambling, meandering – as the song says “having no particular place to go” but enjoying every beautiful moment of the experience.

It’s about just simply being.

This year Pescara has been a bit of a revelation for me.

After the sun goes down some of the sharper edges of this modern city are smoothed out and the main shopping area around Corso Umberto, via Firenze and via Cesare Battisti takes on a new personality.

There’s a definite festive feeling with the prospect and promise of good cheer.

But timing is everything.

If you’re too early then the after work rush is in full flow. If you get there too late then it feels a little empty, almost lonely.

My favourite time is between 19:30 and 21:00.

It’s a ninety minute window when shops are closing, aperitivi are being offered and gladly accepted and eating with family or friends isn’t too far from your thoughts.

All this, along with Christmas lights shining brightly.

I took the three images in this post over the last two weeks. One of them, the third one, I posted on its own on Facebook and it quickly received more than 7,000 views – a nice feeling.

I haven’t quite worked out why one photograph is more popular than another. Whatever the reason I’m happy to have received the gift of 7,000+ people looking at an image I created.

Buon Natale!

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