What A Load of Rubbish!

It’s the talk of the town!

Roberto who owns one of the local bars is obviously taking it all very seriously.  He agonised over where to place them, how to label them.  Monica ran out of the church, leaving the singing angels behind her inside, to greet me and ask if I’d already started.

What’s all the talk about?  Recycling!  As of yesterday our local town is embracing recycling on a big scale – in a small way, sort of.  Here’s how it works.  Every household gets 5 or 6 small bins – for plastic and metal; glass; paper; organic; nappies and miscellaneous.  Each household must now sort out their waste and distribute it across these bins.  That’s a big step for most people here – mind bending, in fact.  One of the bins is collected each day and collected by way of a door-to-door service – porta a porta.  So perhaps that will make it easier for people.  But that’s a lot of bins to have to store whether inside or out.  So I’ll be watching with interest to see how things progress.

My Italian language teacher claims, with great confidence, that elsewhere in Italy this system has worked very well.  In fact, he says it has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of waste recycled.  I’m somewhat sceptical having seen evidence of how tyres, for example, have been disposed of in the open countryside.  And I’m bemused about how a door-to-door operation can actually work in Italian cities and towns.

I reckon that getting people to sort their waste is only one step in making significant changes to the attitude towards waste disposal in Italy – the part where I live anyway.   But it is an important step in educating people about the importance of recycling so I applaud it and support wholeheartedly.  Let’s see what the summer brings!

(A guest post by Paula.)


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2 thoughts on “What A Load of Rubbish!”

  1. can’t believe this post…just back from Tortoreto and in our residence …brand new and earth quake proof..under our kitchen sink are 5 lovely plastic containers neatly placed side by side ,ah but which one is for which product ok so we ask the manager he said “is there no labels” no we said, did the caretaker tell you, no we said ..let me see..mmm ..its best to ask the cleaner she will tell you…next day..cleaner… i’m not sure but the one without the plastic bag is for paper and cardboard ha ha…i think your right they have a good way to go
    cheers …Pat

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