When is a Bus Stop not a Bus Stop?

When is a bus stop not a bus stop? Yep it’s a riddle or perhaps a stupid joke. Certainly not as funny as “When is a door not a door?”, but it’s worth asking all the same. A few days ago I asked a few of my English students to…

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The Art of the Shoemaker

Lately I’ve been trying to improve my Italian. I’ve a bit of free time on Mondays and this lets me go to our local school with about eight other students and formally study and hopefully improve my ability to speak and communicate.

In one of these classes we were talking about jobs and the vocabulary of different types of work.

The word calzolaio (shoemaker) cropped up and before we knew it we were taking about the disappearance of traditional skills and crafts.

We chatted about the last time any of us had our shoes repaired and if cobblers or shoemakers still exist in our respective countries.

I was able to say that I’ve a pair of shoes I would definitely repair before throwing out, that as far as I know there are still shoemakers (cobblers) in Dublin, that there’s at least one shoemaker in Loreto Aprutino (possibly two) and we all agreed there was at least one (possibly two) in Penne also.

The conversation reminded me of a photo I’d taken a little over a year ago of a shoemaker in full flow in his shop in Penne.

I was passing by and I asked if I could sit and watch him work and maybe take a picture or two.

He agreed and I tried not to be a nuisance or get in the way as he went about his business in his very tight dark shop.

When I left I felt I might have taken at least one good shot.

I had.

Here is my favourite.

Handy Work by Noel McCarthy on 500px.com

The Olive Harvest – La Raccolta delle Olive

It’s late October and the olive harvest is in full swing around Loreto Aprutino. This year promises to be far better than last year when many people chose to not produce any olive oil (olio) as weather and parasites played havoc with the crop. But this year is different. “It’s…

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Abruzzo 2.0

This is where I live. One of the many wonderful towns in Abruzzo. It’s where I used to live and where I’m living once again. I suppose it’s like a reboot. A restart. A new beginning. Well sort of. Abruzzo never really left us; we just had to go away…

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Look What’s Outside

I took this photo in May 2010.

We were having lunch with good friends.

It was a very special day.

Abruzzo seems to generate special days with surprising ease.

Outside by Noel McCarthy on 500px.com

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This canine scene is from 2008 in L’Aquila.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Noel McCarthy on 500px.com

Nothing was going to disturb their slumber.

Standing on Campo Imperatore

I took this image in September 2013. Since I was holding the camera they are not my legs.

The legs actually belong to a very old and very dear friend that was visiting us.

It was a great day!

Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo by Noel McCarthy on 500px.com

The Ship Before Sunrise, Pescara

I took this photo in November 2013 before the sun came up when Pescara was very quiet with hardly any people walking about.

The stone sculpture, La Nave (the ship/vessel) is a symbol of Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy, created by Pietro Cascella.

The About Abruzzo blog has been on a little break for a few months and I thought this image is the perfect way to announce its return.

It’s good to be back.