Summer Sun: Sea or Mountains?

Summer sun – I’m not designed for it.

Once temperatures touch 30 degrees I find myself craving shade and drinking water every chance I get.

Girasole by Noel McCarthy on

For me staying cool during the hot Abruzzo summer is a challenge. I’ve already decided to return to Ireland for two weeks in August to try to avoid my blood reaching boiling point.

The locals take it in their stride.

Ready by Noel McCarthy on

They head to the beach along with thousands of others and enjoy cool sea breezes and immerse themselves in the refreshing Adriatic.

Others prefer the hills, mountains and woods.

Promises to Keep by Noel McCarthy on

Although I have done both I’m not sure which I prefer.

Once I’m by the sea I think about eating fish, if I’m in the mountains it has to be arrosticini.

Decisions based on food – very Abruzzese!

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