The Olive Harvest – La Raccolta delle Olive

It’s late October and the olive harvest is in full swing around Loreto Aprutino.

This year promises to be far better than last year when many people chose to not produce any olive oil (olio) as weather and parasites played havoc with the crop.

But this year is different.

“It’s going to be a good year”, the local experts say.

I’ve tasted the olio nuovo (new oil) already and I think they’re right. Its intense green colour and spicy flavour zing across the palate.

Yesterday, a beautiful fresh sunny day, practically everybody who had a parcel of land was out gathering olives.

Trees like these

Olive Trees

with olives like these


were being collected


before  having a well earned break.

Taking a break

And the reward for all this hard work

Olio Nuovo

is nothing short of miraculous.

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